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Meredith didn't bring home the tray, but I did.

I bought three trays in these two colors for $5.00 total at a collectors' fair. The price was not as good as Meredith's, but I thought it was a great deal for a vintage find.

One holds my beloved moka pot and coffee supplies; and the other two are slated for service as magnetic bulletin boards when they're not being used for entertaining.

Sadly, and perhaps unbelievably, these are the only trays I own! Have I ever considered that a pretty tray might help me to better serve guests? To be honest, not until recently.

For years I have been limiting myself to carrying what I could juggle in two hands, or else resorting to a cookie sheet with no lip to it.

Meredith says she owns a collection of trays, so it was sensible for her to refuse one of these autumn goodies. I, however, am thankful that I finally came to my senses, seeing as how I have a dinner party on the horizon.

I told you I'm a sorry hostess.

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