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Laundry in the Tub

You're gonna think I've gone off my rocker.

Yesterday I threw as many dirty clothes and linens into the bathtub as I could find--and that was a LOT. I added laundry detergent (mild, eco-friendly) and baking soda, then let the kids have at it with stomping around for a good 15 minutes. Let me tell you those girls never had so much fun!

I was inspired by photos of others doing laundry in the tub here and here. I'm sure the main difference is that these folks were starting with clean water and I was starting with USED BATH WATER.

See? I'm still trying to find uses for our leftover bath water since we're not using it fast enough in the toilet and since my kids have a great aversion to showers. I rationalize that clean water from the washing machine becomes immediately gray as the clothes agitate, so this is not much different. And this is a grand, fun experiment--why not give it a go?

So the kids stomped around and then we turned on the jets because yes, we have a jetted tub--and golly that was a bubbly blast!--but then we turned off the jets because the clothes were smothering the intake holes, causing the motor to whine. And I suppose the jets use a lot of electricity, sniff.

I drained the tub and let the clothes sit overnight since it was late. Now I will do my best to rinse the heaping pile of soggy clothing this morning without using a ton of water. Since it's raining for days on end here in Des Moines I can't hang my clothes to dry (okay, we don't have a laundry line yet) but I will take advantage of the spin cycle on our washer to wring water from the clothes before drying them.

The spin cycle on my front loading Bosch is breathtakingly fast--a sound and a sight to behold. The machine fairly levitates, emiting a faint, high whine as it kicks to 1000 rpms. The benefit of the fast spin cycle is that laundry feels dry to the touch when it comes out, meaning my dryer hardly has to work to finish the job.

I'll let you know how my bathtub laundry comes out. Honestly, I like this approach: I could eliminate all future Mount Washmore's--and trust me, there will be more--in one or two big hits.

Let's just hope I have clean clothes today and not a big, dirty mess.

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May. 10th, 2007 12:42 am (UTC)
Off your rocker
This is over the top. I'm sure you would have spent less money on the Bosch washing machine/dryer option than on the jetted tub full of water. The used bath water is a whole 'nuther issue. Ew.
May. 10th, 2007 01:02 am (UTC)
Re: Off your rocker
So you DO think I'm off my rocker, Carol.
May. 10th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah
WAAAAAAAAAAY off your rocker.
So, how'd the clothes come out? Are you going to keep this up? May I have your Bosch machines?
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